started in september now we here

a few months ago, my life changed forever when i realized my passion for graphic design. up until this september, i had been mostly self-taught with all of the adobe programs. i had some work experiences and a couple of freelance jobs. however, i knew that my work wasn't at the level that i wanted it to be at. a visit to new york city in april solidified by desire to become a graphic designer.

shillington came to me unexpectedly. after researching accredited graphic design programs in NYC like pratt, parsons, and SVU (to name a few) i was resolute on waiting until the next application cycle to apply. one day however, a shillington ad popped up on my facebook feed reading "become a graphic designer in 3 months." i thought to myself "huh? is this even real? because if it were it would be amazing!". some more research and a phone call with the studio assistant made me realize this was the better alternative to committing time and money into the traditional graphic design degree. so before long, i enrolled in the full-time course from september - december 2016.

my first time in the shillington classroom was an info session right before the start date of the full-time course. i had already reserved my spot in the course, but i thought it would be a cool opportunity for a sneak peek of what i was getting myself into before september 19th.

as i was settling back into NYC the following days, the 19th quickly rolled around. right from the start, i knew i had made the right decision. never had i been surrounded by so many people as passionate about graphic design as i was, and from so many different backgrounds. each day was filled with exciting activities curriculum and activities, challenging me to think in creative ways i never had before. i can confidently say that while it isn't the easiest of programs and requires a lot of personal initiative and work to succeed, it's a great program for anyone who's interested in getting to graphic design. :) there's the part-time alternative too (which i was considering), but overall am happier with my choice of doing the program full-time. i have gotten extremely close with several of my classmates, which wouldn't have been as likely if i were only taking evening classes.

but that's just my take. and so, 3 months later here we are t-minus 1 days until graduation. my portfolio's at the printer ready for pick up tomorrow. i'm both nervous and excited for tomorrow to present my portfolio, as well as see all of my classmate's hard work. i'm also nervous about what the plan is after graduation, but i do plan on staying in the big apple!

in conclusion, feel free to reach out to me if you have questions about shillington! i know i did when i was still just skeptical, and the feedback i got was very promising.